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Below are some of the most common questions that our guests ask. The questions have been put into the following categories:

  Guest Rooms
  Online Bookings
  Ski Season
  About NASPA


  What is the check-in and check-out time?
  The normal check-in time is 3:00pm and the normal check-out time is 10:00am. Some packages may include an extended stay or early check-in and/or late check-out times. Please check the details page of your booking.
  What should I do if I arrive earlier than the check-in time?
  Guests can go through the proceedings of check-in on arriving at the hotel, even though you will only be able to enter your room from the check-in time. If any special tickets are included with your booking, at this time they will be handed to you. Guests can also use the Cloakroom to store any baggage. During the winter season a free resting space is available for hotel guests and that area can be used before and after checking in.
  Is early check in or late check-out possible?
  Depending on the day and the number of guests in the hotel, early check-in or late check-out might be possible. There is a charge of 3,700 yen per room per hour for early check-in or late check-out.
  About child rates

Babies less than one year old are not charged. Young children between 1 year and 3 years old are charged a service fee of 3,700 yen (including tax). That fee does not include any meals, bedding or any special package extras. Children ages 4 years old and over are charged at the infant rate.

  Are all taxes and service charges included in prices and charges?
  With the exception of a local tax of 150 yen per person per night (age 13 years old and over) that is necessary by law, all taxes and service charges are included in the charges displayed.
  Can a booking cancellation be made?

If the booking was made by phone, please call the hotel directly to make a cancellation. If the booking was made on the official site or online using another website, please cancel using the official relevant online cancellation methods. If a booking was made using a travel agency, please contact the travel agency.

In the case of a direct booking with the hotel cancellation 3-1 days before arrival date (Japan time) is charged at 20% of the total charge. A cancellation on the date of arrival (Japan time) or a no show is charged at 50% of the total charge.

If a booking was made using a travel agency, please contact the travel agency.

  Can payment be made using a credit card?
  The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD, Diners, AMEX and Union Pay. Some plans booked via a travel agency may need to be paid for by cash. Please ask your travel agency or the hotel directly for more details.
  Can I be put on a waiting list?
  We do not have a waiting list. Please call, email or refer to our online availability calendar for the latest information.
  Are there any areas of the hotel where I cannot use Yukata and slippers?
  Yukata and slippers can be worn anywhere in the hotel apart from Restaurant FONTANA and Bar Capri on the 4th Floor in the Main building.
  Do you have any yukata for children?
  Yukata sizes 100cm, 120cm and 130cm are available.
  Booking is for 3 people in a twin room but the child will sleep with parents
  Please note that a child of 4 years old or older, bedding is included in the charge and will be prepared. The applicable room charges remain even if the bedding is not necessary.
  Can my pet stay with me?
  Pets are not allowed at NASPA New Otani. However, we can recommend a few ‘dog hotels’ nearby

- Dog Field MAIKO Dog Hotel

Please ask us for more details if you are interested in using those services.

Guide dogs are generally allowed at NASPA, though there are some days when this may not be possible. If you would like to stay with a guide dog please contact the hotel in advance to make necessary arrangements.

  Does NASPA have any baby pushchairs or wheelchairs?
  NASPA has a limited number of baby pushchairs and wheelchairs available for guests. They can be used free of charge. Please ask at the Front Desk for details.


Guest Rooms


  Are the toilets Western style?
  Yes, all toilets at NASPA New Otani Resort are Western style.
  Do I put out my own futon bedding?
  For those staying in rooms that have Japanese style futon bedding, room service will usually enter your room to prepare the bedding between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. If you are in your room they will ask if they can enter. If you do not wish the hotel staff to enter the room to prepare bedding, please put out the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door.
  Does the hotel have any humidifiers that can be used?
  The hotel has a limited number of humidifiers available to rent - free of charge - on a first-come first served basis. Please request at check-in.
  Do the rooms have computers or DVD players?

Usually there are no computers or DVD players in the guest rooms, but they are available to rent (charge applies). Advanced noticed is required for computers, DVD players are available on the day from the Front Desk. Please note that supply is limited and will be used on a first-come first-served basis.
A computer (Windows 7 Professional) costs 1,000 yen for a day; a DVD player is 1,050 yen for a day (including tax).

  Are baby cots and bed guards available?
Baby cots and bed guards are available to rent at no charge. Please request these items when making a booking. Please note that supply of these items is limited and assigned on a first-come first-served basis. They cannot be used in Japanese style rooms.  
  Can the beds in a guest room be moved together?
  Beds can be moved together, but because of the fixed night-table there will be some space as shown in the photo below. If you would like to move the beds together please ask the hotel in advance.

  Are any baby goods available?
  Paper nappies and baby wipes as well as other daily convenience items are available at Shop NASPA.
  Non-smoking rooms
  There are a limited number of non-smoking rooms at the hotel. If a designated non-smoking room is requested but not available, a special deodorant spray will be used and ashtrays taken out of the room. Please note that there are also some room types without any non-smoking rooms available. In those rooms a special deodorant spray will be used and ashtrays taken out of the room if a non-smoking room is requested.

Smoking is not allowed in the public areas of the hotel except for specially designated smoking areas that are clearly signposted.

  Can rooms with good views be requested?
  The hotel will try to assist with any special such requests but there may be cases when this will not be possible.
  Can different room types on the same floor be booked?
  It is possible to book the Japanese room (50m²) and Japanese room (74m²), or the Superior Twin and Superior Fourth, or the Superior Twin and Family Room on the same floor of the hotel. Please note that due to the booking situation at the time, such assignments may not be possible. Please ask the hotel for more details.
  The first night and second night were booked separately…
  If the room type is the same, whether bookings were made via a travel agent, directly from the NASPA official website or another online booking website, the hotel will endeavour to make sure a room change is not required. Please note: If the room type differs, check-out and check-in procedures will be required. Please ask the hotel for more details.




  How do I use the public baths?
  A visit to the public baths is highly recommended during a stay at NASPA New Otani. Please take your towel(s) from your guest room. The most important custom is to wash your body before entering the public bath. Enter the bath naked but take a small towel with you if you wish. Please be se sure not to spend too long in the bath and overheat.
  Do I put out my own futon bedding?
  For those staying in rooms that have Japanese style futon bedding, room service will usually enter your room to prepare the bedding between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. If you are in your room they will ask if they can enter. If you do not wish the hotel staff to enter the room to prepare bedding, please put out the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door.
  Can the public baths be used after check-out?
  The public baths can be used by guests after checking-out. Please note that there are no towels in the bath area and so before leaving the room please take a towel to use at the public baths. After using the towels, they can be put them in the provided return box. There are cleaning times during the day when the baths cannot be used:

Women’s baths
From 11:00am until 1:00pm
(*1:00pm until 3:00pm on Wednesdays and from 10:00am until 3:00pm on Thursdays)

Men’s baths
From 1:00pm until 3:00pm
(*from 10:00am until 3:00pm on Wednesdays)

  Can I use the public bath even if I am not staying at NASPA?
  You can use the public baths if you are not staying at NASPA when they are open between 8:00am and 5:00pm. The charge is 1,100 yen for adults and 600 yen for children and that charge includes face towel. Please note that there are cleaning times during the day when the baths cannot be used. See times above.
  Are there any age limitations for using the Pool & Fitness Gym?
  Children ages 3 years and over, and not wearing diapers, can enter the pool. Children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. The Fitness gym room can be used by children aged 13 years old and over.
  Are rental items to use in the Pool available?
  Swimming caps (required), beat boards and towels are available to use for free. Please note that swimwear, goggles and floats are not available to rent. These items can be brought or purchased from the pool reception.
  Can floats and beach balls be used in the Pool?
  Floats for infants and up to 80cm can be used but large floats and beach balls are not allowed in the pool. Floats are not available to rent.
  Is there a Wi-Fi connection available at NASPA?
  Free wi-fi is available in guest rooms and the Lobby Floor of the hotel. No username, password or signup is needed – simply find the signal and connect!



Online Bookings


  Are the plan rates different if booked by telephone or online?
  The rates are the same, but a number of special ‘online benefit’ extras are included for bookings that are made online. Please refer to this page for more information: 
  Can payments in advance be made when booking by credit card?
  When making an online booking, the choice can be made between advanced payment and settlement at the time of stay.
  A date on shows a ‘X’ sign for a date
  Unfortunately, that sign means that room are fully booked for that date. Please note that in this case there may be a chance of making a booking by calling or sending an email to the hotel directly.
  I would like to make a multiple night booking using different pricing plans
  Please make individual reservations for each night. If a booking is made with different room types, a room change may be required. If no room change is required, please be sure to reserve the same room type.
  I will stay consecutive nights but with a different number of people staying on different nights
  In this case, for each date a different booking is required. For each booking, please specify on the booking form the number of people staying on each day, and be sure to also clearly note that the booking is for consecutive nights.
  I would like to book two or more rooms for the same date
  If the number of people, or the number of adults and children, is different for each night then separate bookings are necessary. If different room types are requested, the rooms assigned may be on different floors of the hotel and so if you would like rooms on the same floor please book the same room type.
  I made a booking but have not received a confirmation email
  Please check your online account to see if the booking is there, or call or email us with further questions.   
  I would like to make a change to a booking made online
  Changes to bookings can be made using the online system. Changes for payments that are made in advance by credit card may not be possible - if this is the case, please cancel the booking and make a new separate booking. Please be aware that cancellation charges may be applied automatically (as per our cancellation policies).
  I have received a confirmation email, but the booking details are different
  If changes have been made to a booking by telephone after a booking has been made, such changes may not appear online.
  I made consecutive night booking but the confirmation email only shows the first night
  The automated emails for multiple night bookings made with different plans or different numbers of guests will be sent out separately. If you are concerned about this, please check your online account or contact us to confirm by email.
  I have an account but I have forgotten my password
  You can confirm your password here (your registered email is required).
  I entered an incorrect password and have been locked out of my account
  Please contact us to unlock your account by email. We will need your registered name, telephone number, address and date of birth to confirm your identity.




  Shuttle bus
  During Golden Week, the summer holiday period and the winter ski season a free shuttle bus for hotel guests that operates between Echigo Yuzawa Station and the hotel. Reservations are not required to use this service. Please see our Shuttle Bus page for the latest information:

A shuttle bus pick up service may be available after the times on the timetables or at other times during the day. If you would like to request a pick-up, please contact us in advance with your arrival time and we will try to arrange it. Please understand that it may not always be possible.

At any time, taxis are available from outside Echigo Yuzawa Station. The journey from the station to NASPA New Otani takes less than 5 minutes.


Ski Season


  Are snow tyres or chains required on cars in winter?
  If your car does not have stud less winter tyres – i.e. just has normal tyres - you will need to use snow chains.
  Can I snowboard at NASPA Ski Garden?
  Sorry, but NASPA Ski Garden is a skiers-only hill. However, there are many ski hills very close by that allow snowboarders. Snowboarders are welcome to stay at NASPA New Otani hotel and use shuttle buses to get to and from these other ski hills.
  Can I easily get to other ski resorts?
  A free shuttle bus is available that operates from NASPA Ski Garden to Yuzawa Kogen and GALA Yuzawa. Other resorts can be reached from buses going from Echigo Yuzawa Station.
  I would like to take some ski lessons? Do I need to book in advance?
  Private ski lessons in English are available at NASPA Ski Garden. More information can be found here:
  If I arrive before check-in time…
  There is a free rest space available for hotel guests during the winter season. This can be used before and after check-in. The free changing rooms can be used from 8:00am.
  Can I check-in early and check-out late?
  Unless included in a special package, early check-in and late check-out (until 3:00pm) is charged at 3,700 yen per room per hour. Please note that there are days when this may not be available - ask for further details.
  Do I need to bring my own skis? Is ski rental available?
  You do not need to own ski equipment to enjoy skiing at NASPA Ski Garden. A well-stocked rental shop at the base of the ski hill has equipment that you need to get started – for both beginners and more experienced skiers. Skis, boots, poles, ski wear, plastic skis for children, sledges, long boots, helmets and snowboards (that can be used at other nearby ski resorts) are available to rent. Please note gloves, hats, and goggles are not available for rental and so please do bring your own. Some items are on sale in the shop at NASPA should you require.
  Can I wear ski boots in the hotel?
  Ski boots can only be worn in the Ski Center and in the cafeteria Aurora on the 4th Floor. For safety reasons ski boots are not allowed to be worn in other parts of the hotel.


  Where is NASPA New Otani?
  NASPA New Otani is located close to the center of Yuzawa Town in Niigata Prefecture. Please refer to our Access page for more details.
  When is the ski season?
  The ski season at NASPA Ski Garden is usually planned for just before Christmas until early April. The actual opening date may vary depending on snowfall. The latest information will be published on this website.
  Do many staff speak English?
  During ski season there are some English speakers working at NASPA – and native ski lessons are available - but there are a few English speakers for the rest of the year. While generally English speaking skills may be limited, our staff will always try to help you during your stay as much as possible.
  Are tips expected?
  Tips are not expected or accepted in Japan, so you do not need to offer tips to any of the staff at the resort.
  Can I wear a ‘yukata’ in the public areas of the hotel?
  Guests are welcome to use the provided ‘yukata’ dressing gown in many of the hotel areas. However there are some areas, for example Restaurant Fontana, where we ask guests to not wear yukata.
  Can I wear slippers in public areas of the hotel?
  Yes, please feel free to use the provided slippers anywhere within NASPA.


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