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An all-year resort hotel in Yuzawa town, Niigata, Japan

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A massage not only feels good after a hard days exercise, but it also good for your body and recommended for the following conditions, amongst others:

Low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain: Any pains in the body;
Poor circulation, swelling, insomnia; Recovery from everyday fatigue

Reservations are taken from 5pm until 11pm, though reservations outside of these hours may be possible. To make a reservation, please call the Front Desk. Please note that the masseurs are not English speakers.

Massage Oriental Manual Therapeutics

Massage Information

30 minutes 3,000 yen
40 minutes 4,000 yen
60 minutes 6,000 yen
90 minutes 9,000 yen

The Main Building on the 2nd Floor
Relax Space behind the Game Corner

Guests can also receive a massage in their guest rooms at the hotel. This is possible between the hours of 7:00pm and 12:00am. Charges for this service are 4,000 yen for 40 minutes and 1,000 yen for an extra hour.


Oriental Manual Therapeutics Information

(1) Main Course    
20 minutes Body area of your choice 2,500 yen
40 minutes From neck to waist 4,500 yen
60 minutes From head to feet full body course 6,500 yen
80 minutes To refresh  the whole tired body 8,000 yen
100 minutes Extra special course for the very tired body 10,000 yen
Extra 10 minutes   1,000 yen
(2) Foot Massage Course    
20 minutes Stimulating the reflex areas around the foot 2,500 yen
40 minutes From the back foot to calf 4,500 yen
Extra 10 minutes   1,000 yen
(3) Aromatherapy    
30 minutes Either hands or feet 4,000 yen
60 minutes Both hands and feet 7,000 yen
(4) Facial Reflexology    
40 minutes Head, facial and moisturizing pack 7,000 yen
70 minutes Facial (40 minutes) and aroma (30 minutes) combination 10,000 yen

The Main Building on the 2nd Floor

Course (1) and (2):
In front of the Game Corner

Course (3) and (4):
Inside the Women’s public bath area (for women only)


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